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Howshow 12 inch LCD children’s tablet - scribble freely

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There is a kind of fun called love, there is a practical is available for the whole family, there is a good use called ready to use, a good thing to collect fun, easy to use, is a Howshow tablet, in a good office, there is never a product Can make the entire office fascinated, however, this product is an exception.

Really so amazing! Repeated use, one button to clear, no paint, no pen, no eraser, don't worry about children staining clothes and walls, you can carry it with you, so magical things actually exist, I said I was scared, feed me a wheat Lisu.

Well, after eating the Mai Lisu, let's go and see how amazing the Howshow tablet is. In fact, the things that are really hidden are often not very luxurious, just like the masters in the martial arts film. It is not an armor, it is a cloth, the same can be proved, the more clean the package, the more able to highlight the true ability.

Have you found out that the brand name of the people is called Howshow? In the end, how good is it to write, only to have such confidence! Just pick up the pen to write and write, the writing is really smooth, it doesn't need a lot of power, and the words written are basically the same as those written on paper. It’s great to draw a picture! This feeling is similar to watercolor painting, and the color is not fine.

Then you will definitely ask, how can I delete this? Is it the same as the magnetic drawing board, there is no NONONO! This is not the same, good writing board can be more advanced, it is the LCD screen, a key delete function, no matter how much you write, just click the delete button, all will be cleared.

There is a magical wood, it can be reused completely, and it is very clean. The assistant said that this is amazing. Come take me to see it. I am looking for inspiration for writing a copy. However, the way she finds inspiration is In this way, just two pens, "Quiet ~ Come to the next five chess..." This inspiration is not a general vision.

This dedication to the small appearance is also really deep in it. I can’t help myself. The assistant is very decisive for true love. Compared to me, I recommended a storage tank that I didn’t start in a quarter. I also chanted for 2 months. There is also no beauty oil for shopping carts, and new coats to be bought with heart. The board that decisively puts the order in the afternoon is really called "the speed". You are true love for good writing, and the appraisal is completed!

Just got it, the assistant has already listed more than a dozen purposes: 1.P sister painting, each picture should lead to electronic pictures for backup; 2.P sister to go to school to learn English letters; 3. with the old Tang Wuziqi; 4. Do message board; 5. Go out to play next week, bring time to P sister on the road; 6. Let Lao Tang give P sister an arithmetic problem; 7.P sister is not at home, the drawing board is drawn by himself Play; 8. Practice words; 9. Do graphic Sudoku; 10. Make mouse pad for Laotang; 11. Occasionally lend to Laotang for work; 12. Use when used; 13. Monthly budget, settlement;

It must be noted that in addition to environmentally reusable, the battery life is super strong, and it can be used for an average of 2 years! There is also a little Howshow WordPad is very eye-catching! After going to school, the baby will find that the exercise books issued by the school are all pale yellow, because the white paper is too reflective and it is easy to hurt the eyes. Howshow WordPad is a black matte texture, which uses the principle of diffuse reflection to make the presentation All the pictures can be more clear and reduce the direct reflection of light, which can protect the eyes well. The use of the same time is much less fatigued than other papers.

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