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  • Paper notebook Obsolete, the first erasable smart tablet, repeated 50,000 times
    Nowadays, in the context of the Internet era, it is no longer an imagination to just bring a mobile phone out. Starting from Xiaomi’s various smart small household appliances, Ma Yun’s unmanned supermarket, Jingdong’s drones send express, Baidu’s driverless cars come one after another, these high-tech companies that we didn’t even dare to think about came into us quietly. life.
    2018/10/19more >>
  • Light energy LCD writing board change the teaching profession to eat chalk ash phenomenon
    The engineer of Shenzhen Good Write Technology Co., Ltd. tells you: The light energy LCD tablet is a product that writes on the screen with pressure sensing. Its lines are bright and clear, the writing is real, and the writing effect is as real and effective as writing on paper.
    2018/10/18more >>
  • Why is Shenzhen Howshow Children’s Electronic Tablets popular with adults and children?
    Why is Shenzhen Howshow brand children’s electronic tablet board loved by adults and children? Xiaobian summarizes the following reasons:
    2018/10/17more >>
  • Incredible Children’s tablet to witness the growth of the baby
    Some time ago I was reading in the bedroom, and Baoli went to the living room while playing. Looking at her running away with the light, I was very pleased at the beginning: I don’t have to stick my mother to play by myself, but I really grew up!
    2018/10/16more >>
  • Howshow 8.5 inch environmental LCD electronic tablet fully displayed
    Founded in 2013, Shenzhen Howshow Technology Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful economic zone of Shenzhen. It is the world’s leading high-tech enterprise that develops and produces liquid crystal dimming film (PDLC), liquid crystal writing film, liquid crystal electronic handwriting board and transparent LED display.
    2018/10/14more >>
  • Hunting Cloud exclusive interview with Howshow Lighten Blackboard
    In the past two years, paperless office has become the new favorite of technology application. From the physical contract without physical objects to the hardware of various writing reforms, the evolution of social means triggered by the text presentation carrier has begun to go out of the office scene, to life and entertainment. Advance in the field.
    2018/10/12more >>
  • Howshow Koi | What brand of children drawing board is good?
    I just want to say that technology is really too developed now, even children’s drawing boards have become intelligent, I really appreciate the researchers at Howshow, who have developed such excellent products.
    2018/10/11more >>
  • Recommend a good LCD electronic tablet to you
    The easy-to-use LCD electronic tablet is recommended to use Howshow’s 12-inch LCD tablet. It is easy to use and not expensive. A tablet will save three years of draft paper. No matter the word exercises, you can have a real paper experience. The 12-inch electronic drawing board children’s intelligent LCD tablet subverts the tradition,
    2018/10/9more >>
  • Howshow 12 inch LCD children’s tablet - scribble freely
    There is a kind of fun called love, there is a practical is available for the whole family, there is a good use called ready to use, a good thing to collect fun, easy to use, is a Howshow tablet, in a good office, there is never a product Can make the entire office fascinated, however, this product is an exception.
    2018/10/8more >>
  • Children handwriting board that fully releases children talents
    I believe that many mothers have had such confusion: What is the child thinking? Why is he/she doing this? What is their inner world like? Due to the limitations of cognition and the natural imagination, children sometimes don’t know how to express their inner thoughts directly in words, but they will express them in other ways, such as painting and singing.
    2018/10/7more >>

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