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Incredible Children’s tablet to witness the growth of the baby

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Some time ago I was reading in the bedroom, and Baoli went to the living room while playing. Looking at her running away with the light, I was very pleased at the beginning: I don’t have to stick my mother to play by myself, but I really grew up!

But after a total of 20 minutes, she still has no sound in the living room. I didn't think it was right. I ran out of the bedroom and saw a scene that made me cry. The white wallpaper behind the living room sofa was covered by a series of two-meter-long circle of various watercolor strokes...

This kind of god turning is really a test of my heart. In short, at this time, there is only one online saying in my mind: the child is quiet and must be a demon.

The child is quiet and must be a demon

So I bought a paper from IKEA and gave it to her, but I still can't solve the requirement to write and draw at any time.

Parents know that graffiti is a child's nature and should not be stopped, but at the same time do not want children to make a mess at home. But what should I do?

After many comparisons and experiments, we later chose the graffiti artifact, Howshow tablet for Baoli. For children who like to write and draw, it can be said that it is very easy to use.

For younger children, simply painting is enough. For older children, you can use multi-function tablet, graffiti + learning writing + notes + arithmetic!

Howshow smart writing board uses PC+ABS shell, anti-shock and anti-fall. Not only can be used for graffiti painting, but also for homework as a draft paper.

Zero radiation, no eye injury, can be written repeatedly, one-button erasure, low-carbon environmental protection, no need for charging and low consumption, only 6mm thick and easy to carry, especially suitable for carrying. This drawing board is suitable for all people over the age of 1! It is very practical for adults to write paper.

Polaroid likes to play with the artboard. She likes to use graphic templates to outline various patterns.

Children who don't have much talent for painting are in Linyi Luka, although the style is unrestrained... Hey, happy to paint...

1. This smart tablet does not require paper. After the content of the graffiti is cleared, the writing can be continued, and the writing can be repeated 50,000 times;

2, the writing principle is based on pressure induction. The sensitivity is high and the precision is high. The writing is very smooth. It can produce different thickness lines according to different strengths. It is very close to the real paper and pen painting!

3, the screen is a flexible LCD screen, with light green handwriting, the writing effect is natural and soft, zero radiation, no eye injury, enough safety.

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